Low Volume Credit Card Processing

low volume credit card processing
If your business has low volume credit card processing, then you need not worry, most merchant account providers offer their services to companies that have lower than average credit card processing volumes. However, some providers focus on businesses with higher volumes, such as North American BanCard. This does not mean that they don’t service companies with low credit card processing volumes, only that they put their focus on bigger companies. If you are just starting out and only process very low amounts every month, you might want to consider starting with a 3rd party processor such as Paypal until your business picks up speed and then you can move on to get your own merchant account. A perfect match for a business with low volumes would be Merchant Warehouse or Leaders. They are both very good credit card processing providers with many years in the business and thousands of satisfied merchants as customers.

How to get a low volume Merchant Account approved

All providers look at several different parameters in an application to evaluate it correctly. However, it differs where they put their focus and where they put the levels for an approval. Some might put a lot of focus on credit scores and time in business, while others focus mostly on monthly average credit card transaction volume and Gross monthly income. In order to get approved for a low volume merchant account with any of these two merchant service providers, they will look at some different aspects of your business including, but not limited to:

  • Credit Score
  • low volume credit card processing

  • Type of Business
  • How long your business has been open
  • Monthly average credit card transactions
  • Gross monthly income
  • Method of card acceptance

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Merchant Warehouse and Leaders only accept US-based businesses at this time. If you do not represent a US based business, please look at the European Merchant Account page or our Offshore Merchant Account page.