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  • Free Account Set-Up and Gateway Set-up!
  • No Statement Fees!

Take advantage of this special offer for Non-Profit organizations today!



Non-Profit organizations and charities can now accept credit cards and checks securely over the Internet or in their establishment. LEADERS is offering Non-Profit and charity organizations a special deal to accept credit card and e-check donations online. Best of all there are no start up costs!

Securely accept bankcards from your website or physical location.

If your Non-Profit organization’s fundraising efforts are entirely focused on one-time donations today, you are definitely selling yourself short for tomorrow. Recurring donations are POWERFUL!

Many donors are looking for ways to make giving more convenient. However, only 28% are aware that they can make automatic donations using their credit and debit cards. Only 5% of donors are currently contributing in this fashion. This leaves a potential market of 95% of donors who would potentially continue to donate automatically throughout the year. Among donors surveyed, 13% said they would definitely consider making recurring donations if the option was offered by their selected charitable organization.
How would you like to be able to give your donors the capability of choosing the date their card is charged, the frequency of when it is charged (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-annually, etc.), and the amount of each contribution? AND having this all done automatically is a plus. You can also send a “Thank You” e-mail to your donors and have customized reports automatically sent to you

Types of non-profits that can use our services:

  • Local chapters of Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels, Humane Society, Easter Seals, etc.
  • Churches (Catholic, Baptist, Greek Orthodox, Episcopal, etc.) and other Christian Ministries
  • Jewish Synagogues
  • Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO)
  • Theatre and Performing Arts
  • Animal rescue groups
  • Hospitals and medical centers
  • Colleges, Private Schools, and Pre-Schools
  • Crisis Pregnancy Centers
  • and many, many more!

LEADERS Non-Profit features:

  • Accept ALL Bank Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Check/ATM/Debit Cards
  • 24 x 7 customer service
  • Payments by mail or telephone? Our “Virtual Terminal” (any computer connected to the Internet) function can be used to manually process a payment
  • YOUR organization’s name appears on your Donor’s credit card statement, NOT “PayPal” or an “Aggregator”. This is what “Branding” is all about. Promote your non-profit organization, not theirs!
  • Your transactions are SECURE.
  • A Shopping Cart is available to assist you in sales of goods and premiums from your website.
  • You will find our “Gateway” to be extremely customizable. Practically anything you want to do can be selected from a menu. Automatically send e-mails after an event such as a donation. Send receipts, Thank You’s, etc.

Rates? You simply will not find a better Non-Profit rate plan anywhere in the industry.

You simply won’t find any better non-profit merchant account rates anywhere in the industry! No upfront costs, no leases, no high monthly fees, and no hidden fees,. Accepting credit card and e-check payments for your organization or charity couldn’t be any easier or more affordable!

Fundraising Rates & Fees

Online Processing Solution

Setup: $0
Discount Rate: Internet/Mail/Phone: as low as 1.99% Face-to-Face Card Swipe: as low as 0.49%
Per Transaction Fee: Internet/Mail/Phone: as low as $0.17 (If using a gateway, the gateway provider may charge and add’l transaction fee*) Face-to-Face Card Swipe: as low as $0.17
Gateway Fee: (If Needed) FREE Setup $10/Month
Transaction Limitations: There are no predetermined limits, we will set your limit based on your needs.


PC Software Processing Solution examples

PC Solution for Swiping:

  1. Traditional: No software purchase required, $99 for the USB credit card swipe reader, rates starting at 0.49% plus $0.17 per transaction, $5.00 merchant account monthly fee, $10.00 monthly gateway fee.
  2. POS Integration: $289 for Software Purchase(PC Charge), $99 for the USB credit card swipe reader, Rates starting at 0.49% plus $0.17 per transaction, $5.00 merchant account monthly fee, $10.00 monthly gateway fee..

PC Solution for Mail/Phone Order Entering:

Traditional: This is a Hand Keyed (Non-Swipe option) option, Rates starting at 1.99% plus $0.17 per transaction, $5.00 merchant account monthly fee, $10.00 monthly gateway fee.

Swipe Terminal Processing Solution examples

Standard Terminal Option


Use Existing Terminal or terminal of your choice! If you don’t have a terminal, you may purchase our Terminal/Printer Combo.


Hypercom 4205 – Only $179

(Dial Up Terminal)

Includes 1-year warranty on terminal


Hypercom 4220 – ONLY $275

(Dial Up Terminal)

Includes 1-year warranty on terminal

Either terminal purchase includes installation and training (done over the phone)

Rates starting at 0.49% – plus $0.17 per transaction

Retail Pin-Based Debit Processing (With Pin Pad):

Pin-Debit Pass-Thru plus $0.35 per transaction with no additional monthly fee.

Free Terminal Option


FREE Omni 3750
Includes 1-year warranty on terminal.

Rates starting at 1.69% plus $0.18 per transaction

Certain terms and conditions apply for free terminal, ask your representative for more info.

Terminal purchase includes installation and training (done over the phone)


Retail Pin-Based Debit Processing(With Pin Pad):

Pin-Debit Pass-Thru plus $.035 per transaction with no additional monthly fee.

Retail Check Guarantee Processing- Where check is present

Accept checks with no risk of bounced checks!
All checks processed are funded no matter what!

Find out more about our check Verification Options in the MerchantSeek Check Verification feature section.


Ask about our Alternative Wireless Hardware/Swipe Solutions!

We can help you convert your existing SmartPhone to a “Sell” Phone!

*The gateway provider does not charge a transaction fee for the first 250 transactions each calendar month. They do charge $0.05 per transaction starting with the 251st transaction each calendar month, and this fee is charged directly to the merchant by the gateway provider.
**Featured rates and fees are not meant to be entirely inclusive; other rates and fees may apply based on your type of operation. Entire rate and fee schedule will be included in your Merchant Application and Merchant Processing Agreement which you will review prior to submitting these documents to us.

Pre-apply for a non-profit merchant account

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  • Free, simply allow merchants and shoppers to easily donate to your Non-Profit
  • Some options allow free ATM placement - ATM's allow your organization to earn revenue each time a visitor makes a withdrawal on your site or location.
  • NOTE: This form and pricing is for NON-PROFIT & CHARITIES ONLY.

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