Can’t afford a merchant account right now? Check out these 3rd party credit card processing companies. Instead of paying transaction fees, monthly statement fees, etc., they take a percentage of your products cost (usually 3% to 15%). 3rd party processing is a great option for Non-US businesses where obtaining a merchant account is much too expensive or hard to get. 3rd party processors may also be a great option if you are just starting out and have a very small amount of transactions. In the last few years PayPal has become a convenient solution for online businesses.

Recommended Third Party (IPSP) Provider: ClickBank

ClickBank is committed to bringing new technology and personal customer service to 3rd party and even offshore processing, our merchants receive personal attention
and expertise from our in house specialists. Our customer and technical support is dedicated to find solutions to all your business needs. We assist each business to get setup quickly and easily with the best
possible processing option for their business, at the lowest possible cost. Our clients save hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars per year in processing costs. Our focus is on making your business more
profitable by providing you with the best merchant processing services with the lowest rates.

We provide complete point of sale merchant processing payment solutions for all 3rd party and offshore business types, whether your business is online over the phone,or located in a store.

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Here’s a chart of some 3rd party processors:

Company Name Non-US Business Options for Membership Businesses Service Selling Business Recurring Billing Multi-Currency Online Check Processing

ClickBank (3rd Party Preferred)

Verotel (Only for websites featuring adult content)