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Temu Sues Shein

Shein Accused of Using Mafia-like Methods. Reuters news agency reports that the e-commerce service Temu is now suing its competitor…

Welcome to! As our name implies, we are here to help you find the best merchant processing solution for your particular business model, as unique as it is. Whether you are planning to start a retail business or already own an existing online or traditional retail establishment, the world of payment systems has become overly complex over the past decade, and believe it or not, the forecast is for even more innovation over the next ten years.

Did you know that the Payment Processing Solutions Market revenue is set to cross USD 180 Bn by 2028?

One thing is for certain – consumers will flock to your competitors if paying for your offerings is not convenient or if their particular payment instrument is not accepted at your checkout. How do you ensure that this situation never arises? You must align yourself with a leading processor in the merchant industry that can not only meet your current needs, but also help you prepare for the future, by keeping you ahead of your competition in a cost effective and prudent manner.

The staff at is here to help you with that proposition. We have already scanned the industry and determined who the best providers are for both large and medium to small storeowners. We have also assembled a lot of valuable information and articles to help you make an informed decision when selecting your new business partner for the future.

The swift evolution of the global payment industry creates many opportunities to invest in fintech.

Remember this when you choose a new merchant accounts provider

Many people in your current situation have focused exclusively on what is called the Merchant Discount Fee, the amount your processor will deduct from each sales slip, whether for credit, debit, or other payment instrument. The reality is that payment processing is a commodity service. The costs are well known by processors, but they conceal the overall cost by charging many direct and indirect fees in order to confuse and deter a merchant from ever changing accounts. Yes, the discount fee is essential, but it is not everything.

Solutions and their respective fees depend entirely on the type of service that you will need. You must define the needs for your particular business model and start from there. Is it online? Will the customer be present at the point-of-sale? Are you mobile? Do you have heavy or low volume requirements? Are you in a risk-prone industry? Can you deal with a local bank that you are comfortable with? How long must you wait to get your deposits?

Questions to ask your Processing Company

After these initial set up questions, then you can get into more detailed questions like:

  • What is the discount fee? How often can it change?
  • Are there any other monthly or recurring charges?
  • What kind of equipment will suit my needs? What are the installation and operating costs per month?
  • How many days before I will see good funds in my merchant account?
  • Are there any specific one-time-only set-up fees?
  • Is there a minimum period before termination charges may apply if I decide to switch? Can the processor terminate my account at will or is there a notification period?
  • Who is responsible for fraudulent transactions? Can I buy protection?
  • What are chargebacks? Who pays and what fees apply?
  • Besides Visa and MasterCard, what other payment types do you support?
  • What happens when something goes wrong? Do you have a “24X7” customer service hot line that I can call for immediate service?

These are just a few of the important questions to ask, but we have not even begun to talk about the future and what it might bring. Technology and smartphones have a dramatic impact on how consumers shop now and will shop down the road. More than ever before, you need a merchant processor that is up-to-date on where the industry is headed and is prepared to help you effectively every step of the way.

We at deal with these issues on a daily basis. We know the right questions to ask and what answers to expect from the best in the business. We have already done much of the hard work for you, and look forward to matching you up with the best merchant processing solution available today and for the long term.

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