When one thinks of merchant processing services, the supposition is that the industry is large, commoditized, and incapable of producing innovations that would make a difference to the end user. However, there are new currents in the industry that are responding to customer complaints and focusing their energies on quality customer service to move market share. One such company is Leaders Merchant Services.

Market Differentiators

“Leaders”, a California-based company, works in tandem with Wells Fargo Bank to provide exceptional credit and debit card processing and support across all fifty states of the union. Your first impression is very positive when reading favorable testimonials on the firm’s website, along with their key market differentiators listed as follows:

  • Leaders offers customized pricing programs that are specialized to meet the needs of businesses small and large.
  • Leaders offers State-of-the-Art Credit Card Processing Terminals that accept EMV chipped cards (the latest in Credit Card Processing Security) as well as NFC transactions, such as Apple Pay.
  • Leaders provides 24/7/365 Internet Access to your merchant account so that you can view recent activity.
  • Leaders has solutions to support your business, no matter how you do business:  Retail, Mobile, Mail Order, Telephone order, or through the Internet.
  • Leaders has one of the largest Chargeback and Fraud Departments in the Industry.
  • Leaders is committed to you and your business.  They strive to provide every Merchant with the best possible Customer Service in the industry!

Competitive Advantages

Leaders is committed to excellence and is not shy about touting their competitive advantages from pricing to general support:

  • Most merchant processors charge a non-refundable application fee ranging from $95 to as much as $250. An application with Leaders is “FREE”
  • Set-Up fees are also waived, another irritant with competitors of up to $150
  • Every client is assigned a “Personal Account Representative”
  • Leaders also handles its own equipment programming and shipping, generally outsourced by other companies that leads to miscommunication
  • Application approvals often happen the same day the Application is received!
  • Customer Service can be accessed “24/7/3652”
  • Credit restrictions are flexible
  • Processing fees are competitive on all card types. For example, for Visa and MasterCard, retail (Face-to-Face) discount rates are 75% below industry averages, while Card-Not-Present fees are lower by 40%. Transactions fees are also 30 – 35% below industry standard
  • Lastly, there is no monthly statement processing or customer service fee to worry about with Leaders.


Whether your business is doing business in a “brick-and-mortar” retail location, is mobile or it is online real time, Leaders Merchant Services has equipment as well as a program and fee schedule that will suit your tastes and business model. Leaders does its absolute best to provide a robust set of services to help your business grow. These services include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Debit, Check Guarantee Services, Business Loans, Business Cash Advances, Internet Gateways, QuickBooks Integration Solutions, Smartphone and Tablet Processing Solutions and much more.

Business Cash Advance

For small businesses today, working capital needs can be a challenge when growth precedes positive cash flows. One solution is what is known as a “Business Cash Advance” or a “Merchant Cash Advance.”  Whether you’re a big or small merchant, cash advance programs such as Leaders Merchant Services’ can help grow your business. Their program can help with advertising and/or inventory or just provide additional working capital via a Business Loan. If you have been in business for more than a year and have been processing credit cards for at least four months, you will most likely qualify for an advance aka Business Loan! There are no upfront costs, and they can get you funded in about 10 days.
Apply for a Business Cash Advance here

Leaders Merchant Services Concluding Remarks

Competitive rates; quality customer service; personal support and financing options to grow your business – All of these benefits await you at Leaders Merchant Services! Representatives are but a mouse click away.