All-in-one solution for all your online fundraising needs

Processing donations with NexCommerce’s Online Non-Profit merchant account solution gives your organization the ability to sell an unlimited number of fundraising products, plus accept credit card and check donations on-line at very low prices.

Why should you use online fundraising?

  • Saves money and the environment – Reduced trips to the bank, eliminates the need of stamps, envelopes and paper. The more money you save, the more that can go towards your cause.
  • Reach further then just your local community – Online fundraising lets you accept donations from constituents from all over the world.
  • Increases overall giving – Donors who give by credit card make a larger donation then those by regular paper check.

Benefits of NexCommerce’s Non-profit solution

NexCommerce’s solution provides benefits that far surpass other online donation solution providers out there. Here’s what NexCommerce can offer your organization:

  • Faster money deposits in only 2 business days
  • Your organization’s name on the donor’s monthly statements – reduces risk of chargebacks and eliminates confusion
  • Sell an unlimited number of fundraising products utilizing our easy-to-use shopping cart
  • Setup a donation place anywhere there is an Internet connection -or- collect donations on paper at an event and use the secure virtual terminal to process them manually at the office
  • Increase revenue by automatically debiting donors checking or credit card account on a monthly basis
  • Eliminates the chances of check loss
  • Environment friendly – reduces the number of trips to the bank (saves gas) and reduces the amount of paper used since everything is based on-line
  • Greatly automates the fundraising process and allows your staff to focus on other important issues of their cause
  • 24/7, 365 days a year, friendly and helpful customer support
  • Setup an unlimited number of customizable donation funds

Taking fundraising online can be inexpensive. Here are all the fees associated with setting up a merchant account with us. There are no hidden fees or high monthly fees.


Fundraising Rates & Fees
Setup: $0
Internet/Mail/Phone:2.09%Face-to-Face Card
Transaction Fee:
Internet/Mail/Phone:$0.23Face-to-Face Card

Fee: (If Needed) FREE Setup

From $0 – $10.99/month
(Depending on the payment
gateway selected, one of our gateway options have no
monthly fee).
Processing Fee:
per check
Contract/Early Termination:
early termination fee
on number of
transactions and donation volume
This is what you
Low upfront costs, NO leases, Reasonable monthly
**Featured rates and fees are
not meant to be entirely inclusive; other rates and fees
may apply based on your type of operation. Entire rate
and fee schedule will be included in your Merchant
Application and Merchant Processing Agreement. These
will be available for review prior the completion of the
setup of your merchant account.

Online fundraising features

NexCommerce provides valuable tools you’ll ever need to make online fundraising a big success for your organization.

  • Accept ALL Bank Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Check/ATM/Debit Cards
  • 24 x 7 customer service
  • Payments by mail or telephone? Our “Virtual Terminal” (any computer connected to the Internet) function can be used to manually process a payment
  • YOUR organization’s name appears on your Donor’s credit card statement, NOT “PayPal” or an “Aggregator”. This is what “Branding” is all about. Promote your non-profit organization, not theirs!
  • Your transactions are SECURE. Encryption is 256 bit SSL and we are CISP compliant.
  • An optional Shopping Cart is available to assist you in sales of goods and premiums from your website.
  • You will find our “Gateway” to be extremely customizable. Practically anything you want to do can be selected from a menu. Automatically send e-mails after an event such as a donation. Send receipts, Thank You’s, etc.

Pre-apply for NexCommerce’s online fundraising solution

To get started please either complete the short form below or call NexCommerce toll-free at (800) 298-9656.

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  • Free, simply allow merchants and shoppers to easily donate to your Non-Profit
  • Some options allow free ATM placement - ATM's allow your organization to earn revenue each time a visitor makes a withdrawal on your site or location.
  • NOTE: This form and pricing is for NON-PROFIT & CHARITIES ONLY.

  • *Your information is Private and Secure