Everyone is familiar with pop-up windows. They are usually
filled with advertisements and are usually closed before they
even have a chance to load. Most people view them as
annoyances and will sometimes even leave the site they are on
if one appears.

But what if I told you there was a way to use pop-ups
effectively? Think not? Well believe it or not, just two weeks
ago I installed a “smart” pop-up on MerchantSeek to see how
effective I could make it. I’ve heard of a few other marketers
using them with good results, so I figured I’d give it a whirl.
By the end of one week I was thrilled with the results! The
numbers of subscribers to MerchantNewz had grown quite a bit
and no negative responses from anyone. Now almost two
weeks have gone by and the numbers are still growing! In fact,
a number of you reading this issue now have signed up as a
result of my “smart” pop-up subscription window.

The reason I call it “smart” is because I have it setup to…

1. Only “pop-up” after someone clicks a link to go to another
page off my main page.

2. Only appear once on a visitor’s browser, thus virtually
eliminating the annoyance factor. (As long as the browser has
cookies enabled)

Through the use of JavaScript and Cookies I was able to setup
a “smart” pop-up window that contains a simple sign-up form
to be a MerchantNewz subscriber. To see what the pop-up
looks like just go to http://www.merchantseek.com and click
off to another page on my site. It should pop-up, unless you’ve
been to the site in the past day.

Here’s what makes this pop-up tactic so effective:

* Fast Loading – There are no images or slow Java applets to

* Shows Benefits Immediately – I immediately tell people what
my newsletter will do for them by using words like increase,
explode, free, etc. to attract attention.

* Incentive – A basic incentive is given to those that subscribe.
In this case, access to back issues of MerchantNewz. Though I
do plan to change this to something more valuable very shortly.

* Privacy Statement – People want to know that you’re not
going to share their e-mail address with third parties. Don’t
expect people to take this for granted. I let them know their
address is safe with me. It gives peace of mind, and increases
the chances they will subscribe.

All you have to do is duplicate the steps I’ve done to make
mine so effective. Don’t fill up pop-up windows with
advertisements, make them worthwhile. You don’t necessarily
have to use it to gain subscribers for your opt-in newsletter, just
make sure whatever you do use it for, that it’s something
special. (Perhaps to announce a new product line, an upcoming
contest, etc.)

Trust me on this one, it works!!

Jim Conley II is the CEO/Founder of MerchantSeek. MerchantSeek
allows merchants from around the world to search FREE for a
Merchant Account Provider that best fits their businesses needs
and budget. Visit us at https://www.merchantseek.com/