By: Jim Conley II,

It’s a known fact that offering credit card acceptance on your
website is crucial to your online success. Is it enough,
though? In some cases probably, but don’t forget, there are
many people who don’t own a credit card. And some don’t
feel safe providing credit card information over the Internet.
Do you have a solution set up for those types of customers?
If not, you may be pushing your customers to the exit door,
and not even realizing it.

It’s important not to force your customers to order by one
specific method. Don’t narrow your focus to just one
solution. What about giving your “snail mail” address and
allowing people to mail you checks? It’s simply much too
slow in the fast paced world we live in. People want things
now and are looking for expedition of their orders.

Here are some additional payment acceptance methods you
can offer your customers:

1. Checks by Phone/Fax/E-mail (E-Check)

This type of solution is nothing new. It’s been around for
quite some time, and just recently it has been popping up
more here and there. This a great alternative payment
solution for those who don’t have a credit card or don’t wish
to provide credit card information over the Internet.

The mechanics behind the e-check solution are very simple.
First you collect the customers check information via your
website order form, by phone or by fax. Then you enter the
information into a special checks by phone/fax/e-mail
computer program. After you enter in the information you
simply print out the check on either regular paper or special
check paper that is usually pretty inexpensive. Finally, you
then take the check to your local bank for deposit. Be sure
to check with your bank beforehand to see if they will take
checks produced in this manner. Some may not, though
most do.

Visit this web page for recommended E-check companies:

2. Debit Card Processing

Works just like credit cards except the total amount of the
order is deducted from the customers checking account
instead. Most all merchant account providers can set you up
to accept debit cards, but be sure to inquire with yours. The
fees and rates associated with debit card acceptance are
pretty reasonable. More information can be found here.

3. Allow orders to be submitted via phone and fax

This may seem like a no-brainer, but there are many web-
based merchants who only take orders online. You don’t
need to have a toll-free number in order to collect orders via
phone or fax. Sure it’s a nice idea, but it isn’t necessary and
you may not be able to afford it. As I mentioned earlier not
everyone is comfortable entering in their credit card
information on websites. Even though it may be secure,
some people are still in the unsure stage.

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Jim Conley II is the Founder of MerchantSeek.