Credit Card & ACH Check Processing via Touch-Tone Phone

Suggested Business Use: Retail, Internet, MO/TO, and Wireless

Featured Solution: The Touch-Pay Advanced Touch-Tone Payment Service

Interactive Voice Response Systems, also referred to simply as IVR, are now an established alternative method of being able to process credit cards, check cards (debit cards with Visa or MasterCard logo on them), and checks (ACH – Automatic Check Handling) via any touch-tone telephone. One such company that offers this type of payment processing solution isnt Touch-Pay Advanced.

Touch-Pay Advanced IVR Solution Benefits

Touch-Pay Advanced is a payment service that enables merchants with an existing payment gateway account to both process payments in a mobile environment and allow their customers to pay bills via touch-tone phone by using our secure touch-tone technology. Our technology integrates with your payment gateway allowing it to use our transaction processing features from a touch-tone phone, eliminating the need for another “wireless” merchant account or a laptop with a wireless connection while also extending touch-tone bill-pay capabilities to your customers. Touch-Pay Advanced access is simple, it only requires a Touch-Pay Advanced account which allows merchants to manage payment gateways, user access, touch-tone payment reports, etc., with the click of a button.

Touch-Pay Advanced also has online merchant account bundles that include the merchant account, payment gateway, and touch-tone solution all in one cost effective bundle, this solution is great for merchants that do not currently have a credit card acceptance solution. Click here for pricing on this bundle.

Mobile Order Entry Features

1. Receive real-time responses in a mobile environment
No more taking down the card number and providing the product/service only to have the card decline later. Because Touch-Pay Advanced is using your existing gateway’s payment technology ,we are able to submit real time transactions for processing and return real time responses to your touch-tone phone. This allows merchants to process the customer’s credit cards in real time.

2. Leave your laptop at home
We do understand that some merchants would like to take a laptop to their trade show with them (those with a wireless data plan), but for those merchants that either do not have a laptop/wireless data plan or would rather use their existing touch tone phone (cell or landline) Touch-Pay Advanced is a great way to bring the order capability of your payment gateway along with you to process real time orders.

3. Track sales by multiple Users
Touch-Pay Advanced allows merchants to assign “pin numbers” to different users within their company, thus offering the capability to manage access and track user-specific order activity.

BillPay Features

1. Allow your customers to pay their bills without needing internet access.
Before Touch-Pay Advanced, online merchants that needed to collect payments would have to direct their customers to a website or call their customers directly to obtain credit card info online. Now, merchants may simply assign their customers a unique pin number, have them call into the Touch-Pay Advanced secure automated system and enter their bill payment quickly and securely.

2. Receive instant message Alerts when customers pay you via their touch-tone phone.
With Touch-Pay Advanced’s BillPay option you may set instant alerts for specific customers so that when they call our secure automated system to pay you, you have the option of receiving an instant text message to your mobile phone and/or an email message. This gives you real time notification access to certain customers whose payments you wish to monitor more closely.

IVR ACH Check & Credit Card Processing – How Touch-Pay Advanced Works

Touch-Pay Advanced allows you to sell, verify your order, record authorization, and bill all in one phone call

Using any touchtone telephone Touch-Pay Advanced will capture, record, store, and process billing data all at once.

IVR Solution Pricing

For merchants that currently have an online/internet merchant account:
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Merchants without an account:
Merchants that do not have a merchant account and are looking for the complete Touch-Pay Advanced bundle which includes a merchant account –

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