What It Is and How It Works

EBT-grocery-shoppingGrocery shopping is one of the most widely performed activities around the world. If you are a food merchant, you probably know that not everyone pays for their food with cash or credit cards, but many use food stamps as well. Now that paper is becoming a less and less common form of the food stamp, many purchases are made with the use of a single card called Electronic Benefits Transfer card. The EBT card is a card that allows food benefits to be transferred between a federal account and the retailers account.

The EBT card works much like a credit card. You can even use the same terminal through which you scan your credit cards, but a specific program is required for this kind of transaction to work efficiently. Check with your Merchant Account Provider for more information.

Who Needs This Solution?

Grocery stores, gas stations, and convenience stores.

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Resources

These companies can help set you up with EBT for your business:

** NOTE: Check with your Merchant Account Provider to see if they can equip you to accept EBT cards at your location.

Know of a good EBT provider? Let us know!

Check out wikipedia or USDA for more info on EBT and the food stamp program.

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