Why Contractors and Roofers Should Accept Credit Cards

Contractors and Roofers work in a very competitive and dynamic industry that requires constant change and adoption of new practices that fit the needs of their clients. They are often asked (or expected) to do more on a given job than initially discussed. Therefore, in tough economic times and in a very competitive field, the need to handle requests from clients that want more from you is imperative.

One area in which Roofers or Contractors need to be more flexible than before is in the area of accepting payments. Never before have consumers been so comfortable paying in other means than cash – many customers don’t keep very high amounts of cash on hand, and some need emergency repair services for amounts that they don’t have access to the cash to cover. Many customers also don’t like handing over checks to independent service providers, one for potential security issues involved with giving access to their checking account number printed on the check, and two for a possible delay in check processing by the service provider (many customers have handed over checks only to have it not processed in a timely fashion which causes them to lose track of their true balance) – this gives some clients a feeling of unease when handing over checks as they have no control of when the contractor will deposit that check.

Also, customers often make quicker and decisions on larger invoices when they are paying via credit cards. Customers have a much easier time handing over plastic that they don’t have to pay back right now than handing over money that is actually coming out of their account – this is just a fact of our every day life, credit helps people spend much more than they could have regularly. If a customer has to spend their own cash they are much more likely to purchase the least expensive service that you have to offer, thus costing you potentially thousands per year by not accepting credit as payment.

“But I already have a Merchant Account to accept credit cards”…
If you currently have a merchant account then great, you’re off to a good start. However, are you getting the best bang for your buck? MerchantSeek offers a free rate comparison that allows you to compare what you’re paying now to what one of our featured providers can offer you, just contact us. All we need is some basic business information from you and your last two statements and we can have a quote for you within 24 hours.

“Do I also need an Internet Merchant Account?”
Something else that you may want to consider is an e-invoicing solution, with electronic invoicing you can email your customers a secure hosted invoice, and allow them to pay you instantly online, forget the leaving of invoices in the mailbox and “hoping” they send payment back in a timely fashion, or hoping that they don’t provide you with a bounced check. With electronic invoicing you can receive payment via debit, credit card or even check all online. If you have a growing customer base or if a customer wants your services and only has access to credit vs. cash on hand then electronic invoicing is definitely something that you should at least consider.

Again, due to current economic types and the need or desire for more consumers to upgrade or repair their homes than before, you should strongly consider accepting credit and debit if you aren’t already. Unlike accepting checks, credit allows a customer to spend money that they may not yet have on hand, and it also allows customers to spend more than they may have on hand at the time. Charging credit or debit cards is also guaranteed money for you as a Contractor, if you receive an “Approved” response from the credit card company when charging a card, then the money is yours – unlike accepting a check and hoping the money is there, or carrying around dangerous amounts of cash that you can’t deposit until the next business day.

MerchantSeek works with all types of businesses to help them find a provider to accept electronic payments, Roofers and Contractors are no exception. Feel free to Contact Us or any of our recommended providers to get a free quote.